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November 30, 2012

Pro-Gun Activist: "If itll keep me a free person ill kill 30k just myself."

By now, most Americans are familiar with the Faustian bargain of the pro-gun movement. We are told that we must allow innocent Americans—including children—to be gunned down by homicidal maniacs with legally-acquired arsenals because it's "the price we must pay for freedom." This morally bankrupt idea requires one to ignore history, of course. When James Madison drafted the Second Amendment, his intent was to enhance our nation's domestic security, not to promote anarchy and the licentiousness of armed mobs that so horrified him during incidents like Shays' Rebellion.

Nonetheless, two pro-gun activists visited the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page recently to parrot the idea. Minnesota pro-gun activist Anthony David Nelson, whose Facebook Likes include the National Rifle Association, Larry the Cable Guy and Veterans Against Occupy Wall Street, left the following missive on our Wall:

"Dangerous peace over safe slavery any day."

A banner graphic on Nelson's Facebook profile page informs readers that "gun violence does not exist" because "violence is from the heart."

We responded by asking Anthony the following question, but he didn't care to answer:

"So 30,000+ Americans have to die from gun violence every single year so you don't become a 'slave'? Is that about right, Anthony?"

Another pro-gun activist, "Flathead Vorhees," had no problem answering, however, commenting:

"30k? If itll keep me a free person ill kill 30k just myself."

A gracious and compassionate statement from a man whose Facebook Likes include "[Controversial Humor] Dead Baby Jokes," and whose profile page features videos he took of dogs copulating.