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May 17, 2011

Pro-Gunners Fantasize About Rape of Wisconsin Woman and Daughter

Today, we share a disturbing story about two Wisconsin pro-gun activists: Sean Hobena, who goes by the sophomoric alias "Harrold Nutczak," and Madison dentist Jay Brendemuehl. Hobena is the owner/chef of The Rib Guy in Minocqua, Wisconsin.

Posting on a Facebook page entitled "Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort LIES," Hobena shared an article about a serial rapist in Milwaukee and then speculated with Brendemuehl about the potential rape of WAVE Executive Director Jeri Bonavia and her college-age daughter. The Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) "is Wisconsin's only statewide grassroots organization solely dedicated to reducing gun violence, injuries and deaths."

First, Brendemuehl commented about the story regarding the serial rapist by writing, "Jeri might change her mind [about advocating for tougher gun laws] if she were to get victimized..."

Hobena then responded, "Even though I hate to hear of anyone being a victim of violent crime, as much as I despise Jeri, I still would not wish that upon her or her daughter. Maybe a close-call will open their eyes to reality without either of them getting injured?"

Why pro-gun activists would possibly think it appropriate to make such comments about a mother and her daughter is beyond imagination.

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  1. Notice the extremely racist reference on his page?