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July 11, 2011

Threat of Arizona Pro-Gun Activist: "The dragon is too large to quell with the ballot."

For years, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) has closely monitored insurrectionist activity across the country, in part by publishing an "Insurrectionism Timeline" that logs threats and actual acts of violence against the U.S. government by gun rights activists who believe the Second Amendment gives them an individual right to respond to what they perceive as "tyranny" with force of arms.

Occasionally, we will receive correspondence from pro-gun extremists who make it clear—in no uncertain terms—that a war with our government is what they want. On July 11, 2011 we received exactly such an email from Steve Grant of the "Republic of Arizona." A Google search indicates that the group is incorporated in Benson, Arizona. On its homepage, the Republic of Arizona shares missives like "We stand with all Arizonians that oppose illegal aliens in this country" and "We will not serve with queers nor will we defend a nation that embraces this abomnation in the sight of both God and man."

The text of the email we received from Grant—which conveys a direct threat of violence against our government—is as follows:

Lets see if you can answer the following:

Do you believe that there is at least 30% of American gun owners that will take the same path as the Founding Fathers did to throw off tyranny?

Do you believe that this path will be an actual house to house blood fight?

If you answered no to either, you better guess again.

The British called it insurrection as well.

The very foundation, the thread of this nation was built on God, guns and blood to throw off tyranny.

You may not think that we live in a nation of growing government tyranny, but you are not the last word nor are you the majority.

The regime in power and the socialist sludge that supports it do not want guns outlawed to make it safe for citizens from gun crime, they want the guns to give the people that same power the people in Darfur and Syria have ..... none.

Go back to the two questions. Reread them ad get a clue.

May God steady our aim and deliver our enemies, both abroad and especially at home, into our hands.

To arms! ye soldiers, The trumpet call obey! Arise from dreary slumbers. To watch, and fight, and pray.

The dragon is too large to quell with the ballot.

We await the coming storm.

Steve Grant
Republic of Arizona

When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

Gun owner till death do us part.

We support the Arizona Immigration Law

In nomine Dei et sanguinem belli

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