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July 31, 2012

Pro-Gun Activist Says James Holmes Could Have Killed 12 People with Snow Cones

During the past week, pro-gunners have been eager to share their opinions about the gruesome mass shooting perpetrated by schizophrenic James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012. Using an AR-15 style assault rifle with a 100-round drum magazine and three other guns, Holmes was able to shoot 71 people in an Aurora movie theater in a span of just two minutes, killing 12, including a six-year-old girl. Had his AR-15 not jammed, the casualty total would likely have been even higher.

Pro-gun activist Lee Gaines was kind enough to send us this little missive:

Does it seem okay to you, to use the horrible events in Aurora, Colorado to advance a lie? You would exploit the deaths of a dozen innocent people, for the satisfaction of imposing your world view on each of us? The fact is, the firearms used that night were legally purchased, (not at a gun show), by a man with no criminal record. Yet, you use the deaths of these poor people to try to convince the "useful idiots" within your influence, that "guns came from a gun show and were purchased without background checks." My dear misguided zealot, the "Joker" would have killed those people, even if he had only snocones to throw at them. Your brand of gun control is only punishing the law abiding among us. You need only examine Canada's failed, and now abandoned gun control laws, to know that criminals will find their guns, without the obligatory background check. Your "control" has no effect. Your flawed cause, is without merit. I ask you, who has been more deceitful? The killer didn't lie on his federal gun paperwork. Yet, you lie when you convience people that he purchased those guns without a background check. It must be difficult for you to have to lie, to try to gain a following. The good thing is that people have learned that about you, and every other freedom hating group, like you ... and, should I die before I wake, I pray my guns my sons to take.

Snow cones, huh? And perhaps Mr. Gaines isn't aware that James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist who specialized in the treatment of schizophrenia and had alerted her that he was going to commit mass murder. Or how about the fact that Canada has a gun death rate that's more than four times lower than that of the United States (and an overall homicide rate more than three times lower)? OK, OK, we know that a healthy dose of reality can be an inconvenience...

Reality was also an issue for pro-gunner Jesse Vankurin. You might recognize him as the vocalist for Dark Kingdom. Or not... Anyway, Jesse came to our Facebook page to tell us an interesting conspiracy theory about Aurora that's quite popular in pro-gun circles:

Oh and he picked all of that up at a local k-mart with his platinum credit card. Give me a fucking break. this has black op written all over it.

Never doubt the ability of a pro-gunner to blame everything on the government. And it's so much more convenient than taking responsibility for your role in personally lobbying for laws that allow homicidal maniacs to legally stockpile arsenals of guns!

Finally, there was pro-gun activist Jason Scarbrough, who posted on the Facebook Wall of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence to express his disappointment in Holmes' inability to kill more innocent Americans:

If the kid were using a proper rifle that doesn't shit where it eats and magazines that did their jobs properly, he probably could have broken the high score instead of only getting twelve.

After we posted a photo of a 100-round drum magazine like the one Holmes used, Scarbrough also told us why he feels such devices are so important:

We need these high capacity magazines because one of these days we're gonna have to shoot all of you gun grabbers to death and reloading is inconvenient.

Give him some credit, folks. At least he's honest about why he needs assault weapons.

1 comment:

  1. Here's another pro-gunner who thinks he could have done a better job killing innocents in that theater:

    "JohnnyBandit" said, "This fool did not know what he was doing. If he did, the body count would be much higher. He positioned himself in a bad spot..... Doesn't take combat training to shoot a dummass standing there popping off with an AR... "

    When questioned about it by another gun guy, he then wrote, "I ain't tough and I ain't fast.... But if he did not shoot me in the first couple of shots, I would have dusted his arse..... "