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September 5, 2012

Pro-Gun Activist to Virginia Mom: "Just checking in on my favorite c---t."

It's common knowledge that pro-gun activists love to harass, intimidate and threaten Americans who care about gun violence. And women have always borne the most significant brunt of those attacks.

On two previous occasions, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) has posted misogynistic comments directed at Virginia mother Abby Spangler, the founder of the Protest Easy Guns movement. Abby described her entrance into the gun violence prevention movement as follows: "I'd been thinking, 'Is this what we've come to in America? But when Virginia Tech happened, I said, ‘I've had enough.’ Then when I found out the Virginia Tech shooter got his gun in a matter of minutes, I was outraged. I decided that someone had to speak out and say this is unacceptable. We're not just going to light candles to mourn the victims. We're going to protest for change."

To date, Abby has led—or helped to organize—more than 110 “Lie-In” protests in 30+ states across the country. These protests have called for common-sense gun laws to prevent individuals who are clearly violent and/or deranged from easily obtaining firearms.

Her good works continue to provoke the animosity of pro-gun activists. Abby has shared with us a sampling of comments she has received since our last blog about her (just click on any comment to enlarge it).

The first comment comes from "TimeSpartan111," a young pro-gun activist who calls his YouTube channel "The unpopular gun channel":

Then there was pro-gunner Russel Clank, whose YouTube channel showcases his propensity towards racism and misogyny:

Next up was another young pro-gun activist, "Foughtwolf":

Finally, another pro-gunner with a serious hatred of women, "100years262democides" left the following polite comment for Abby:

If you're disgusted by these cowardly attacks, feel free to cheer Abby up by Liking Protest Easy Guns on Facebook and Following them on Twitter!


  1. Lovely, as always. These morons are pushing the limits on freedom of speech. They certainly aren't doing their movement any favors.

  2. I am pro-gun and anti gun violence. There are extreme idiots on both sides of the gun debate. Most pro gun people deplore gun violence and are normal, law abiding people. I own several guns including semi-auto pistols and "so called" assault rifles. I have been a gun "nut" for over 50 years and have had a concealed carry permit since 1996 and I have never shot anyone. While I think most gun control is worthless, I have no problem with detailed background checks and mental health checks before the purchase of a gun. I am truly sorry for the vile and vulgar remarks made to "Protest Easy Guns", while I don't agree with them I would fight to defend their right to say what the believe.

  3. Why can't any of them spell the simple word, piece?? I think if you're incapable of that, you should be incapable of owning a gun.